Garbage Bin Stickers

Garbage Bin Stickers Sydney

Garbage bin stickers have become one of the latest innovations in Sydney, Australia. We all have seen these stickers over the waste containers in front of the grocery store, hospitals, commercial areas and at other places. But many of us never thought that this silly application of waste labels can be important for residents, companies and for other services.

Garbage Bin Stickers - Add a sense of style

These stickers can be informative and sometimes funny also. They not only deliver the messages, but also add a sense of style to the waste containers. There are many more uses for garbage bin stickers than you may assume. If you have a waste containers in your parking area, any public area or at the job site, these stickers can be helpful to ensure that they get emptied on schedule. While it may be obvious that children should know not to play in or around a waste container, for whatever reason, it happens. Applying these stickers on the waste containers will protect you from an unfortunate accident. With written messages, logos or images, these stickers can be used to spread the information. Here are some examples of the printed stickers:

  • Do not load over the top
  • It’s the maximum loading level
  • Warning!
  • Don’t play around
  • Please empty me!
Identifying it with a personalised sticker!

The garbage bin stickers are available in different shapes and sizes, styles to suit your preference. Keeping in mind the recycling purpose, we produce customized decals of all kinds. These personalised stickers can save you from the unnecessary hassle and expense. We can design and create your decals to read or show whatever you need. Your message is printed with superior quality to stand against harsh environments or elements. We offer an extensive collection of waste management stickers that are affordable and durable. While the professional use of waste labels is common practic for commercial & industrial applications, these labels can also be used in private areas or in the home. Sydney it’s time to start thinking differently! Feel free to browse our website for more information.