Electrostatic Decals

Electrostatic Decals - A Great Tool for Quicker Promotions!

Are you searching for an easy and inexpensive tool to advertise your business or brand? Then nothing can be better than Electrostatic decals. Recently, they have become one of the popular materials used for graphic displays and promotions. These decals are designed and enhanced with attractive graphics to leave a huge influence on your customers that overwhelm and increase the average purchase.

An impressive and effective way to advertise

Nowadays, people look for profitable ideas to present their businesses. Unlike a traditional sticker or decal, Electrostatic decals have no adhesive side. Electrostatic stickers will not damage the surface, they are applied to. Rather, they can be easily displayed on smooth plastic or metal such as on glass windows and doors. One of the most important benefits of static decals is that they are free of adhesive and hence can be easily removed, repositioned and reused. With the advertising purpose, electrostatic decals can be useful for placing information and reminders. Remember, unless there is a call to action on the decal, it cannot be helpful.

Electrostatic decal - An inherent part of your campaign

Electrostatic decals are also known as Static Cling Stickers. They are an extremely cost-effective way to create a lasting impression on your customers. These decals are excellent for advertising, various events and short term promotions and campaigns. The use of static stickers won’t leave any residual marks when removed. These static cling stickers are used on many different surfaces and without any failure can be used over and over again. These decals are a solution for the short to medium term lifespan and can also be used as promotional giveaways.

How Signmaker can help you?

At Signmaker, we offer custom made electrostatic decals with incredible prices for our customers that fulfill their advertising needs. Having expertise in this field, we also advise our customers with the designs, fonts, colours for their decals. We understand the purpose and then provide the solution for your requirements. To apply a static cling decal, it is recommended to clean the surface thoroughly and allow it to dry. To remove air bubbles, apply the decal on the surface and squeegee it from the center toward the outer edges. Browse our website for more information.